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We offer a comprehensive range of equipment for hire to meet your lighting and traffic management needs in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Ipswich. From state-of-the-art light towers providing reliable illumination for construction sites, civil projects, road maintenance, and emergencies, to traffic lights and Variable Message Signs (VMS) facilitating efficient traffic flow and communication on the road, we have the solutions to enhance safety and productivity in any job.

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Whether you’re overseeing a construction project or managing traffic during roadwork or emergencies, ACE Rental has the equipment you need. Explore our rental options and get the job done with ACE Rental today!


Variable Message Signs Board (VMS)

B sizes and C Sizes, remote programming, five colours or just amber ones,trailer mounted, GPS monitoring, solar power

Traffic Lights for Hire

Remote control, Data signs, Phone, Computer monitoring, SMS phone reporting, Solar power

Light Towers For Hire

LED light towers, Fueled economy, Mind spec available, Auto on and off

Light Towers for Hire

Illuminate your projects in the Southeast Queensland region, including Brisbane, Ipswich, and the Gold Coast, with ACE Rental’s top-of-the-line light towers for hire. Our light tower rentals provide reliable illumination with cutting-edge LED capabilities for optimal illumination, coupled with fuel-efficient design.

Additionally, customisable specifications and mind specs are available. With convenient automatic On and Off options, our light towers provide seamless operation, whether you’re undertaking nighttime construction projects in Brisbane, conducting road maintenance in Ipswich, or responding to emergencies on the Gold Coast. Contact us today for more information.

Traffic Lights Hire

Traffic Lights and VMS for Hire

ACE Rental offers a comprehensive range of traffic management solutions in Southeast Queensland, including traffic lights and Variable Message Signs (VMS) for hire. Our traffic light rentals are perfect for construction zones and road closures, providing reliable control over traffic flow.

With our VMS rentals, you can deliver real-time information to drivers about traffic conditions, road closures, and detours through remote programming and GPS monitoring. Choose from a variety of color options, including amber, to suit your specific needs.

Need some answers?

Renting light towers from ACE Rental offers numerous benefits for construction sites, including enhanced safety, improved productivity, and extended working hours. Our top-of-the-line light towers provide reliable illumination, reducing the risk of accidents and increasing visibility for workers. With LED capabilities and fuel-efficient design, our light towers offer cost-effective lighting solutions for projects in Brisbane, Ipswich, and the Gold Coast.

Our light towers are specifically designed to enhance safety during nighttime construction projects by providing bright and consistent illumination. This helps workers to identify hazards and navigate the work area safely. Additionally, the automatic On and Off options ensure continuous lighting without the need for manual operation, further improving safety and efficiency.

Yes, ACE Rental offers customisable specifications for our light towers to meet the unique requirements of your project. Whether you need adjustable height, different lighting configurations, or specific power sources, we can tailor the light towers to suit your needs. Contact us to discuss your project requirements and customisation options.

Our traffic lights for hire are equipped with advanced features to effectively manage traffic flow and ensure safety in construction zones and road closures across Southeast Queensland. These features include programmable signal timings, remote monitoring capabilities, and solar-powered operation for eco-friendly performance.

VMS from ACE Rental provide real-time traffic information, including updates on traffic conditions, road closures, detours, and event-related announcements. With remote programming and monitoring options, you can quickly update the messages displayed on the signs to keep drivers informed and improve traffic management in Southeast Queensland.

ACE Rental offers flexible options for programming and monitoring our Variable Message Signs. You can remotely control the messages displayed on the signs, allowing for quick updates to provide real-time information to drivers. Additionally, our VMS can be equipped with GPS monitoring for precise location-based messaging.

Yes, ACE Rental offers customisable color options (5) for Variable Message Signs to suit your specific needs. Whether you prefer standard colours, ambar or require custom color displays, we can accommodate your preferences. Contact us to discuss your color options and customisation requirements.

A Variable Message Sign (VMS) is a type of traffic control device used in transportation to display real-time information to drivers. VMS can provide updates on traffic conditions, road closures, detours, and other important messages to improve communication and traffic management on the roads.

In traffic control, a Variable Message Sign (VMS) is a versatile device used to display dynamic messages to drivers. These messages can include information about traffic conditions, road closures, detours, speed limits, and safety warnings. VMS play a crucial role in enhancing communication and managing traffic flow on the roads.

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