Compactor Hire in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Ipswich

Quality Soil and Landfill Compactors for Hire

Discover our Caterpillar 815F Series 2 Soil Compactor 18 Tonne for Dry Hire and Wet Hire in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich, and surrounding areas. These compactors are ideal for soil compaction and offer greater power, productivity, and compaction. Part of its features are Blade, Tamping Wheels and Tips, Structures, Serviceability, and Power Train.

Attachments Available When Hiring a Soil Compactor

When hiring a soil compactor with ACE Rental, we offer Push Blade (multiple box-section construction with heat-treated moldboard and DH-2 steel cutting edges and end bits contribute to long blade life), pad foot, and trimble ready. Contact us today to discover the different options we have available!

Caterpillar 815K Compactor

3DGPS, with full auto, Tier 4 compliant, Site safety compliant
WEIGHT (kgs) 22286
LENGTH (mm) 7156.70
WIDTH (mm) 3243
DRUM WIDTH (mm) 991

Caterpillar 815F2 Compactor

3DGPS, Tier 4 compliant, Site safety compliant
WEIGHT (kgs) 1,810
LENGTH (mm) 6,220
WIDTH (mm) 3,600
DRUM WIDTH (mm) 3,200

Leading Experts in Compaction Solutions in Brisbane and surrounded areas

With over two decades of industry experience, ACE Rental stands out as a premier provider of compaction solutions. Our highly skilled team of operators boasts more than 30 years of expertise, specialising in Final Trim. At ACE Rental, we leverage cutting-edge technology, offering Advanced full Auto GPS Trimble 3D solutions. Our dedicated team consistently undergoes training to ensure the delivery of top-notch customer services and effective compaction solutions.

Offering compaction solutions in Brisbane and its surrounding areas, ACE Rental takes pride in its unparalleled expertise, providing high-quality assistance to ensure the successful completion of your projects. Contact ACE Rental today for exceptional compaction solutions in Brisbane

Caterpillar Soil Compactor Hire

Dry Hire Compaction Solutions for Your Project

Explore our Dry Hire Compaction Solutions, allowing you to rent our Caterpillar 815F Soil Compactor without an operator. Drive it yourself or assign one of your own operators. We facilitate transportation to your on-site projects, streamlining your hiring process. Choose our Dry Hire option for flexible and convenient compaction solutions.

Need some answers?

The CAT 815F and 815K compactors are versatile machines used for compacting soil, asphalt, and other materials, making them ideal for different construction and roadwork projects.

The 815F and 815K Compactors are equipped with a wide range of features, such as advanced compaction technology and robust design, ensuring optimal performance for different applications.

Yes, ACE Rental offers both Dry Hire and Wet Hire options for the 815F and 815K compactors, giving you the choice to hire these compactors with a skilled operator or without them.

The weight of ACE’s compactors varies by model. For specific weight details, you can explore the specification sheet next to each machine or contact our friendly team.

While it’s possible to achieve some level of compaction manually, using a compactor like the CAT 815 significantly improves efficiency and ensures proper compaction for various construction and paving projects.

That’s correct! The CAT 815 compactor is equipped with vibratory technology, and these vibrations help enhance compaction by reducing air voids and ensuring a denser, more stable surface.

The CAT 815 is a compactor designed for soil and material compaction in construction and roadwork projects. This compactor is known for its reliability and efficiency.

The size of the compactor needed depends on the specific project requirements. ACE Rental offers a range of compactors, including the CAT 815 for hire, available for compaction needs. Contact us for guidance on selecting the right compactor for your next project and we’ll help you get the job done.

The size of the fuel tank of our compactors for hire varies depending on the model. For specific details, please download the specifications sheet of the chosen compactor model available for Dry and Wet Hire.

The weight of a CAT 815F compactor is 1,810 kgs.

ACE Rental is conveniently located in Yatala, offering easy accessibility for clients in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Ipswich.

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