Dozer Hire in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Ipswich

Exceptional Dozer Hire Services in Gold Coast, Brisbane, and Ipswich

At ACE Rental, we stand as the preferred supplier of top-tier earthmoving machinery, offering exceptional Dozer hire services for civil construction, infrastructure development, and various projects across the Southeast Queensland Region. Our services extend to major hubs, including Gold Coast, Brisbane, and Ipswich. When you choose ACE Rental, you’re opting for excellence in Dozer solutions for both local and government clients.

Quality Dozers for Hire: Caterpillar Excellence

Our Dozer fleet boasts high-quality machinery from renowned brands like Caterpillar, ensuring optimal performance for heavy-duty tasks such as large-scale earthmoving, land clearing, and more. Specifically, we feature the versatile D6T Dozer and the cutting-edge D6 Next Generation Dozer, both for hire. These machines are tailored for significant projects covering expansive areas of land.

Next Gen CAT D6 Dozer

Tier 4 Compliant, Wide GPS earthworks, SU blades, Ripper BBOS*
Transport length
Transport width
Transport height
Blade type
Track width
Travel speed
Travel speed reverse
Front blade width
Transmission type
Max. Drawbar Pull
Engine manuf.
Engine type
Engine power

Caterpillar D6T XL Dozer

Tier 4 Compliant GPS, SU blades, ripper bbos,
Weight 21 t
Transport length 3.86 m
Transport width 2.54 m
Transport height 3.143 m
Blade type SU
Track width 610 mm
Travel speed 11.61 km/h
Travel speed reverse 11.66 km/h
Front blade width 3.693 m
Transmission type HY
Max. Drawbar Pull 40.7 t
Engine manuf. Caterpillar
Engine type C9.3
Engine power 154 kW
Displacement 9.3 l

D6T and D6 Next Gen Dozer: Best-in-Class Versatility and Productivity

The D6T Dozer is a powerhouse, excelling across a spectrum of dozing tasks. From land clearing to finish grading and building oil/gas/wind farm pads, this dozer stands out for its versatility, productivity, and resale value. It’s the go-to choice for those demanding the best in dozing equipment.

The Cat D6 Next Gen Dozer takes efficiency to the next level. With a fully automatic transmission, outstanding fuel efficiency, and reduced service/maintenance costs, it ensures material movement at a lower cost. Trust the legendary versatility of the D6 with added performance, courtesy of ACE Rental.

Why Choose ACE Rental for Your Dozer Hire

With over two decades of industry expertise, ACE Rental offers compelling reasons to hire your earthmoving equipment, including Dozer solutions. Benefit from our Advanced full Auto GPS Trimble 3D technology, Expert Final Trim Operators, 4 Speed Auto Transmission for decreased emissions and better fuel economy, and an Angled Rear Ripper for enhanced Ground Clearance. Contact us today to secure a quote for your Dozer Hire needs and we will help you get the job done!

Dozer Hire

Wet Hire and Dry Hire Options: Different Hiring Solutions Across Southeast QLD

Whether your project is situated in Gold Coast, Ipswich, Brisbane, or any other location in the Southeast Queensland Region, ACE Rental presents both Wet Hire and Dry Hire options for projects that require Dozing Machinery. Our state-of-the-art equipment, combined with highly skilled operators boasting more than 30 years of experience, ensures your project’s success. Reach out to ACE Rental for a customised quote and let our expertise propel your project forward.

Need some answers?

The cost to hire a D6 Dozer from ACE Rental varies based on factors such as rental duration and project specifications. For accurate pricing, contact us to get a quote.

The cost to hire a D6T Dozer is determined by factors such as rental duration and project requirements. For accurate pricing, please contact ACE Rental for a personalised quote.

Dry Hire refers to renting the equipment without any additional operator, while Wet Hire includes both the equipment and a skilled operator.

Our CAT D6 and D6T Dozers are known for their efficiency and versatility, making them ideal for a wide range of applications, from construction projects to land clearing.

ACE Rental is conveniently located in Yatala, providing easy access for clients in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Ipswich.

Yes, ACE Rental offers flexible rental options for both short-term and long-term projects to accommodate your specific needs.

With over 20 years of industry experience, ACE Rental is renowned for its reliability, exceptional service, and team of highly skilled operators.

You can easily request a quote by contacting ACE Rental team through our website or giving us a call. We’ll promptly provide you with the information you need.

Yes, ACE Rental offers convenient delivery options for the CAT D6 and D6T Dozers to Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich and to the rest of the Southeast QLD Region.

The CAT D6 and D6T Dozers are equipped with advanced features, including high-efficiency powertrains and different capabilities, making them perfect for dozing, ripping, land clearing, and more.

Delivery charges may apply based on the location. Please contact us for specific details regarding delivery fees to Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich and the rest of the Southeast Queensland region.

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