LDC 1306P Variable Message Board


Product Description

Matrix resolution: 140*26 (52×26 redundant)

Redundant pixels: Yes

LED matrix pitch: 38 mm x 50mm

LEDs per pixel: 4 (2 X 2 redundant)

Display area: 1976 x 1300 mm

Enclosure size: 2250 x 1400 mm

Viewing angle (horizontal): 30 degrees

4 line character height: 400 mm

Characters per line: 8

Power consumption @ 100% brightness 1296 LED’s LIT: 75 watts approximate

Power efficiency:  85% Approximate

Cooling Passive: (solid state)

Moving parts in sign case: Nil

Raise and lower: Brake winch

Fully raised clearance height: 2240 mm (Approx.)

Overall height (fully raised): 3620 mm (Approx.)

Overall height (stowed): 2430 mm (Approx.)

Overall trailer width: 1710 mm (Approx.)

Overall trailer length: 3100 mm (Approx.)

Trailer drawbar: Fixed “A” frame or removable

Trailer lighting: 8 to 32 volt recessed LED tail lights

Batteries: Four 180AH gel batteries

Solar power regulated: Yes

Photo cells: Two

SMS programming: Yes

Weather resistant handheld controller: Yes

Sign status reporting by SMS: Yes

Message selection in field by digital key: Yes

Digital keys included, per VMS: Two