bobcat e80

Bobcat E80 excavators

A compact excavator that maintains maximum efficiency and working capabilities without any lose of comfort.

Features include:

  • Minimal tail swing design
  • Great digging force
  • Reliable Yanmar engine
  • Class leading operator comfort
  • Over 8 tonne operating weight

Product Description


Operating weight with standard bucket: 8380kg

Additional Weight for long dipperstick: 58kg

Ground pressure with rubber tracks: 38.25 kPa



Make: Yanmar

Model: 4TNV98-ZWDB8

Fuel: Diesel

Displacement: 3300 cm3

Maximum NET power : 40.4 kW

Maximum torque @ 1300 RPM : 248.9 Nm



Digging force, dippestick: 40900 N

Digging force , long dipperstick: 34100 N

Digging force, bucket: 54600

Drawbar pull: 60800 N

Travel speed, low range : 209km/h

Travel speed, high range : 4.6 km/h



Pump type: One engine driven tandem axial piston pump and one engine-driven gear pump

Piston Pump capacity: 144.00 L/min

Auxiliary Flow: 120.00 L/min

System relief pressure for auxiliary circuit 3: 280.00 bar

System relief pressure for auxiliary circuit 2: 250.00 bar

Auxiliary relief: 210.00 bar



Boom swing, left: 70°

Boom swing, right: 55°

Slew rate: 9.6 RPM