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2013 Doosan Light Tower – V9

The Doosan Portable Power LSV9-50Hz CE features a Kubota engine matched with a 6kVA alternator. This powertrain enhances the lighting performance up to a coverage of around 5,000 m² @ 20Lux. Combined to the foldable fixed height towing bar, the hydraulically operated telescopic mast optimizes the unit footprint in transport configuration, allowing to group up to 8-9 units per 40 foot truck. the unique canopy design provides you the best powertrain accessibility of the market.The available factory-mounted options will allow you to adapt the configuration of the machine to the needs of your jobsite.

Product Description


Manufacturer: Kubota D1105BG

Power @ 1500 rpm: 8.4 kw

Fuel Type: Diesel

Fuel Capacity: 130 L

Runtime With 4 Lights: 73 hrs



Prime Power Rating, 50Hz, 0,8 , PF: 4.8kW

Available Voltages – Single Phase: 230



Light fixture standard configuration: 4 x 1,000 W

Light Bulb Type: Metal Halide

Total Lighting Power: 360,000 Lumens

Mast Height: 9 m

Lightened Surface @ min 20 lux: 4,800 m2

Mast Deployment: Hydraulic

Mast  Position fro Transport: Vertical



Length – folded drawbar: 2,200 mm

Length – extended drawbar: 3,135 mm

Width: 1,332 mm

Height: 2,200 mm

Max tower Height: 9 m

Operating Weight: 1,263 kg

Maximum sound power level: LwA 86