2011 Hamm HD 90 Roller

This sturdy Vibrating smooth roller is equipped with many features including;Articulated tandem roller with 2 vibratory drums, Ergonomic driver seat with 2 multifunction drive levers, Driver seat including steering wheel and instrument panel can be swivelled and rotated, Clear view of drum surface, its outer edge and working environment, Hydrostatic all-wheel drive for excellent hill climbing ability, Diesel engine with high power and low sound level, .Pressure sprinkler system with 2 water pumps.

Product Description


Overall Length: 4600 mm

Height: 3040 mm



Drum Width: 1680 mm

Vibration Frequency: 50hz

Nominal amplitude – High: 0.66 mm

Nominal Amplitude – Low: 0.35 mm

Centrifugal force – High: 76 kN

Centrifugal Force – low: 53 kN


Manufacturer: Deutzs

Model: BF4M2012C

Gross Power @ 2300 rpm: 88kw